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Investment in Real Estate – Reality or Passe?

In India, when we think of investment, first stable option that comes to mind in real estate. Investing in gold, stock market, shares etc is risky and highly variable. Over few decades, real estate (barring few years) has proved to be the most stable and Read more

Investing in Real Estate in India

See any newspaper or online article and it will talk about the real estate development in India today! Thanks to multitude of small and big construction projects across the country, India has awakened to real estate growth. In fact, according to government agencies, the real estate growth (malls, commercial complexes, ...

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Rental Scenario in Chennai

Chennai is one of the fastest growing cities in India today. It is not just the capital of Tamil Nadu, but with the influx of IT sector, rise in tourism, growth of educational industry etc, Chennai has been experiencing growth and development like never before. It is not just the ...

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The World of Home Financing

Most of the buyers in India today, in the real estate segment, are young buyers! They are experts in their filed but when they purchase a property or their dream house, they are bombarded with the world of finance, home loans and terminology that they ...

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Home Sweet Home

After a hectic day at work or even after a great evening out with friends, where do we want to go - To a plush hotel room or the cozy comfort of your home? The answer is simple and very obvious! Hotel rooms can provide all the luxuries in the ...

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Diwali Bonanza

Come Diwali and every household in India seem to sparkle and glow. Kids wear new clothes, women are in their best attires and men have never been more happy! The whole atmosphere in India is of peace, joy, celebrations and new beginnings. This is also the time when most of ...

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Hot Places in India Real Estate Market

Buying a property or renting anything in a volatile market like India has never been easy. It calls for extensive research and a good budgetary fit. Inherently in India, people want to own a great house. That is their lifelong dream. So, when you are Read more