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Do`s and Dont`s Before you Paint Your House

Painting house is the very exciting and adventurous process. Whenever we think of re doing or re furbishing the entire place, we think of different colors, different hues and schemes! Well, colors bring the much required character and warmth to any room. Whether you want to convey a bold message ...

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Smart Steps to Purchase A Home

The whole process of house hunting and actually buying a house is very exciting and is full of happiness. New house brings with it new promises, positivity, joys and success. Buying a new house also means financial and emotional investment. It is a major step for most of us. But ...

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Investment in Real Estate – Reality or Passe?

In India, when we think of investment, first stable option that comes to mind in real estate. Investing in gold, stock market, shares etc is risky and highly variable. Over few decades, real estate (barring few years) has proved to be the most stable and Read more

Buy Your home the Real Way

When we think of Home, we think of all the times we spend with our family and friends, the ups and downs of life and the success stories and the failures! Every home, every house has a story to tell. Thus, when you think of Read more

Winter Decor for your Home

Who does not love the winters? come winters and the beautiful jackets, hoodies, rugs, durries, comforters etc come out and the world has a different color to it. Here are some tips to change the way you feel at home, by adding few colors and touches here and there! • rugs and ...

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Buy Your House Smartly

It is one thing to buy a dream house but another thing altogether to negotiate and buy it smartly. Hence, proper scanning and inspection of the house or plot is very important. It will be that dream house where you will spend some of the most ...

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Investing in Real Estate in India

See any newspaper or online article and it will talk about the real estate development in India today! Thanks to multitude of small and big construction projects across the country, India has awakened to real estate growth. In fact, according to government agencies, the real estate growth (malls, commercial complexes, ...

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Fire Safety Measures in Your Dream House

Well, it is said that prevention is better than cure! It is always better to be aware and alert about yourself, your surroundings etc so that hazardous situations can be prevented. Every apartment complex, house, flat etc will have fire safety equipments and notices all over the places. But natural ...

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Importance of “Green” in the World of Real Estate

With depletion of resources, rise in costs and spread of awareness, people have finally realized the importance to save the environment and harness natural resources. Many organizations have taken serious steps and initiatives in an endeavor to become environment friendly, conserve energy and preserve our planet. Whether a for-profit organization, ...

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“Tile” it to create a New Look

When we think of sprucing up our heavenly abode, it is usually a new paint in the living room or new furniture for the patio etc. Have you ever thought of replacing the boring plain tiles and doing something fun with Moroccan, mosaic or colorful tiles? I am sure most ...

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